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Fuel's Hottest Beauty Tips

Fuel's Hottest Beauty Tips

F.u.e.l. Salon and Spa is comprised of an amazing team of beauty professionals. In addition to bringing all of our expertise to one place, we continue to grow and learn to improve our skills. Our team has expertise in everything from balayage to updos to extensions. Read on to hear Fuel’s hottest hair tips!

Fuel’s Top Hair Tips

  • My favorite thing to do is curl! You can create the most beautiful curls by curling your hair away from your face, then finish with a light hairspray and softly finger brush it out. ~Coley Ortega

  • When pinning long bangs back, twist them back and insert the bobby pin in at the back through the center of the twist and they will stay all day! ~Christine Boyles

  • Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. While washing your hair everyday is not recommended, when you do wash your hair, wash it really well. Focus on the scalp and make sure you use products that wash off the hair easily. ~Jackie Wilt

  • Redken Brews men’s Clay Pomade, is a perfect mix of a medium/firm hold with little to no shine. It creates a perfect look for the client that likes to have a messy textured look! ~Andrea Cupit

  • Root color spray to hide your tape-in extensions.~Carlie Agenbroad

  • Big-barreled curls= salon blowout at home. ~Lauren Moore

  • When using a product like a spray mousse, remember to keep the product at least a half inch away from the scalp to help the product not breakdown since our scalp naturally produces oils during the day. ~Lisa Fernstrum

  • My favorite tip is sleeping with a silk pillowcase, it helps to decrease friction when sleeping & helps keep hair healthy & shiny. ~Camrie Oliver

  • The night before a hair wash day I sleep with my Genesis fortifiant hair serum on my scalp and 8h magic night hair serum on my ends. ~Beth Ulatowski

  • When blow drying your hair with a round brush, make sure you rough dry it to 80% dry to get your best style. If you go in while it’s too wet you lose motivation/time/patience to get your style since it will take forever. First, section from top of ears down. Second, section from crown of head to first section. Third, section top of head. Now that you have your sections, start with your round brush in the bottom section and working your way to the top of your head section by section for the most volume and movement. *If you have bangs dry those first once you e rough dried to make sure they don’t dry funky. Then start on the sections. ~Torrie Knuth

Be sure to connect with us on social media to keep up with our hottest tips! Our amazing team has continuing education classes to keep improving upon their craft to give you the best service possible!

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