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Do you have curls that you can’t get under control? Or maybe you just have mild curls, but enough to stump you on how to care for them and how to style them. This blog is for all the girls out there struggling with their wavy/curly hair. We’ve come a long way in hair care and treatment. But not all hair is created equal. Perhaps we know this when it comes to different ethnic backgrounds, but curly hair crosses those boundaries. More than half of women have curly hair. What's more, not only do you want someone with experience cutting curly hair, you also need specific hair products that can meet your hair needs.

Four Curl Types

Though no two curls are the same, Ouidad has identified four different curl types There’s a loose curl, classic curl, tight curl, and kinky curl. The loose curl are those beachy S shaped curls and need lift without weight. Classic curls are those tight spirals that never seem to go out of style. With the proper care, these curls will be the envy of everyone around. Classic curls need balanced nutrition. Tight curls are compactly coiled and have stunning volume. Tight curls need deep hydration. The kinky curl is made up of thousands of z-shaped strands. The kinky curl needs careful care.


Ouidad recommends their PlayCurl line for the loose curl. This line achieves hydration while not weighing down curls. For the tight curl, Ouidad recommends the VitaCurl line: “Super gentle, supremely nourishing: Our pH-balanced formulas keep moisture sealed within each strand to leave curls’ cuticle smooth and spirals strong.” The tight curls, desperate for hydration, should use Ouidad’s Curl Quencher line. This line will infuse hydration to each strand, while leaving it weightless. Lastly, the kinky curl needs Ouidad’s Curl Immersion. This line is ultra-light and ultra-rich, using botanical extracts to hydrate every single strand of hair. You can find many of their products in our salons. If you’d like to discuss the best options for your hair, feel free to come in to the salon and one of our stylists can help!


Ouidad has a great blog that covers 5 rules for cutting curly hair. You should check it out

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