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Why it’s Important to Buy Your Hair Care From a Salon

Why it’s Important to Buy Your Hair Care From a Salon

You may have seen your favorite professional salon products at Target or a retailer or the like. And, you might do the bulk of your shopping at said retailer, so this seems like a win for you. What you might not know is that it’s a mistake to buy your favorite hair care products at retailers like Target. BUYERS BEWARE!

You’re Paying More

Believe it or not, but the prices for the professional salon products sold at Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc, cost you more as a consumer than if you just go to your favorite hair salon. Hair Salons that are authorized dealers offer better prices because they’re buying directly from Kérastase, Paul Mitchell, etc.

Your Product May Have Been Compromised

If for no other reason, you should not buy your favorite professional salon products from an unauthorized dealer like a grocery store or retail giant like Target or Amazon because the product you’re buying may have been compromised. What do we mean by that? Well, frequently, the products sold in unauthorized retailers have been tampered with, watered down, are old and therefore ineffective, but maybe worst of all, are filled with bacteria. Ew! No guarantees will be made from the company if you’ve purchased your product from an unauthorized dealer. Some places do offer refunds or store credit if you have a problem with your product within a certain amount of time. But honestly, think about what you’re putting in your hair, and body, when you’re using compromised product. It’s just not worth it.

If It’s So Bad, Why Isn’t It Illegal?

Hair care giants like Paul Mitchell have been trying to get it passed with legislation to make it illegal. But, just because something isn’t illegal, doesn’t make it right. What’s more, Paul Mitchell has reached out directly to Target to ask them to stop selling their product, to which Target refused.

How Does It Happen?

So if hair giants like Kérastase, Paul Mitchell, Redken and the like only sell to authorized dealers, then how do their products end up in the hands of unauthorized sellers? Unfortunately, there are salons out there that may not know it’s wrong to sell their products to a third party. If a salon manager is having trouble moving product and they’re approached to be alleviated of said product, then they’re going to go for it. Especially when the third party offers 10%-30% over retail price.

Fuel Salon and Spa is an Authorized Dealer

Just in case you didn’t know, for all the professional salon products sold in Fuel Salon and Spas, we are an authorized dealer. What does that mean? It means that the products sold in our Salons are guaranteed. It means you can trust the product you’re using. It means you’re going to get the best price available. What’s more, Fuel Salon and Spa offers rewards. When you buy your hair care products, you rack up reward points that earn you more savings! If you ever have any questions regarding our products, please don’t hesitate to call us or ask your hairstylist.


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