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Learn How to Get Beachy Waves From Kérastase

Kérastase Stylist Feature--Hot Summer Looks

Learn how to create beach summer waves and keep your hair humidity resistant with a few step-by-step tips from West Palm Beach, Florida based stylist, Timiyah "Tim" Wingate.

Step 1--Beachy Waves

Cleanse with Bain Aprés Soleil

Great for dry hair due to sun exposure because it contains coconut water from optimum hydration. It also helps to remove build-up from chlorine, salt, and sand.

Treat using Masque Aprés Soleil

Works as a deep conditioner to help combat dry hair with vitamin E; also contains UV filters to minimize the effects of UV rays on hair fibers.

Pro Tip: apply mask to clean, damp hair just before going in water. Do not rinse. This will help to keep your hair from absorbing too much salt and chlorinated water and act as a deep conditioning treatment.

Step 2--Divide hair into 4 quadrants (2 in front and 2 in back).

Shake to activate Huile Sirene, then spray each section of towel-dried hair, focusing on mid-lengths and ends; do not over saturate. Split the section in half and create a braid, ending up with two braids in one section. Secure with an elastic.

Repeat each section ending with a total of 8 braids and allow hair to dry overnight.

Undo braids and shake at root to break up partings.

Pro Tip: Apply one pump of Oléo-Relax Advanced Hair Oil to hands and rub on front and back of hand before taking out braids. This will help to minimize frizz upon undoing braids.

Step 3--Spray Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo at the root for optimum volume and VIP throughout lengths for volume and hold.

Pro Tip: If you prefer not to let hair dry overnight, rough dry hair up to 80% before applying Huile Sirene. After hair is dry; spray, braid, and allow hair to dry.

You can find all of these Kérastase products at both F.u.e.l. locations. Additionally, with the ease of our Product Purchase Request Form, you can order ahead of time and do a curbside pickup!

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