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When Hair Styling Becomes the Art of Hair

When we think of styling our hair, we think of a dash of mousse and a spritz of hairspray. Both important basics. But for shu uemura, hair styling is more than just hair styling. It is the Art of Hair, and it goes way beyond your average mousse and hairspray into a world where products become tools in the hands of artists.


In 1955 Mr. Shu Uemura came to Hollywood and launched his career as a makeup artist. His big break came in 1964 when he transformed Shirley MacLaine into a Japanese courtesan in “My Geisha.” This was the first time that “beauty artistry” was elevated to an art form itself.

In the decades after, Shu Uemura launched a makeup line, the first oil cleanser for skin and the first beauty boutique in Tokyo for both consumers and makeup artists. Believing that a woman’s hair was an extension of her beauty, he expanded his artistry to hair in 2007 with a luxury line of essential hair care and professional styling products to rival all others.

Luxury Ingredients

Utilizing trailblazing science, and rare and precious ingredients, shu uemura styling products are carefully crafted to nourish, protect and enhance hair. The unique formulas fuse together natural elements such as camellia oil, Japanese white peony and depsea water to create potent formulas with the ability to elevate hair artistry to new heights.

With every product also comes an intimate, sensorial experience. The incredible, delicate scents of each ingredient transport you to the fields of flora and fauna from which they originated. The silky, lightweight textures envelop you in incomparable luxury. The exquisite beauty created with each combination elevates you to be an artist.

The Art of Styling

As a tribute to their Japanese heritage, shu uemura employed the Art of Wabi (finding inspiration and beauty in the natural elements and surroundings) as inspiration for the names of their styling products. Moya (haze), kaze (wave), umou (feather), nendo (clay) and more, carefully weave together tradition and function.

The Art of Haigo, the Japanese artistic technique of layering and blending pigments when painting, became the inspiration for shu uemura to design their styling products to be blended and layered with one another, giving stylists the opportunity to explore and create their own unique combinations to fashion any hairstyle and meet any need. From volume and body, to hold and control, to sleek and supple, in the hands of master hair stylists or consumers, shu uemura styling products are the tools that take you from ordinary to extraordinary.

So, instead of reaching for the same old mousse or hairspray, elevate your artistry with styling products that become tools and ingredients that bestow luxury. Discover a world where hair styling isn’t just hair styling, but becomes the Art of Hair. Discover the world that is shu uemura!

Visit either salon or order your product online to start your journey with shu uemura!


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