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The Covid Skincare Regimen

The Covid Skincare Regimen

Who knew coming into 2020 that a face mask would be an addition to our fashion ensemble? Masks have become the new accessory of 2020 and people are using it as a way to express themselves, in addition to what top or shoes they don. That being said, long-term mask wearing is leading to what some people have coined maskne. That is, acne as a result of wearing a mask. Since it doesn’t seem like we will be able to shed our masks any time soon, we thought it worth while to focus on proper skincare regimens in the era of mask wearing.

First Things First

It may seem like common sense, but putting a clean mask on your face is step number one. If you take a dirty garment and cover your face with it, you’re more likely to break out. Your facemask has dirt and oils from your face on it, so cleaning it after each use is one of the easiest things you can do to help to keep your skin clean and healthy. Be sure to use a fragrance-free detergent as fragrances within detergents can irritate your skin.

Pare It Down

You may have a super extensive routine down, but less is more. Get rid of harsh exfoliants and scrubs, ditch the heavy duty creams and opt instead for gentle cleansers, hydrating toners, lightweight moisturizers and serums, and sunscreen. When possible, incorporate any skin-soothing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, aloe, and niacinamide. Be sure to wait five minutes or so before putting on your mask to give your products time to absorb.

Skip the Makeup Under the Mask

It may be an adjustment to apply makeup to just the top part of your face, but this whole year is feeling like a series of adjustments, so your skincare routine is not exempt. Wearing makeup and then using a face covering is a recipe for breakouts. That being said, we are better at pivoting on some things than others, and if you simply can’t skip the foundation and makeup, at least choose ones with lightweight formulas and only apply to exposed areas of skin. Once you’re done applying, you can use a blotting paper to take off the makeup that would have come off on your mask.

Focus on the Eyes

While we recommend skipping the makeup under the mask, we fully encourage you to take care with your eyes. Whether it’s shaping your eyebrows, investing in lash extensions, or just playing with new eye shadows, take this opportunity to get expressive with your eyes, since they’re the main focus these days.

Facial Treatments

Lastly, don’t forget to see your aesthetician for regular facials and other skincare treatments. F.u.e.l Salon and Spa offers spa services such as: microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, chemical peels, and more! We also offer lash lifts, lash extensions, waxing, brow lamination, and eyebrow tinting. If there’s one single thing to take away from this blog, though, it’s be sure to wash your face at night! Even if you’re not wearing any makeup at all, it’s important to wash the dirt and debris from your mask off. This is the biggest factor in the fight against maskne.

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