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8 Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy This Winter

8 Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy This Winter

Winter can be brutal on our bodies. Our hair gets dried out and frizzy and our skin is no exception. Colorado winters can be exceptionally brutal with the dryness. So if your skin is suffering this winter, read on to learn about some tips on how to cope until spring. Many of these tips are good to keep up all year long, though.


If you live in Colorado and don’t already have at least one humidifier for your home, then you need to get one STAT. The humidifier will add moisture to the air to help keep your skin hydrated. It’s a good idea to keep one in the room that you spend the most time in. However, getting a few for the home to keep throughout would be a better idea.

Limit Your Shower time

We all love a nice hot shower. It’s so relaxing and refreshing. But did you know that taking a lukewarm shower is actually better for your skin and still effective at cleansing? I know, who wants to take a lukewarm shower? But, if your skin is suffering, it might be worth doing, at least half the time. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention goes into the science behind using lukewarm water versus hot. You can read more about it here.


Pretty much every time you wash your hands you should be moisturizing too. For those of you in the service industries, medical fields, or other trades that require frequent hand washing, this may feel over the top. However, your skin is probably suffering more than the rest of us because soap dries out the skin. In the winter, you may want to consider using ointments versus creams.

Gentle Cleansers

Hopefully you’re reading the labels on your skin care products, but if you aren’t yet, you should start. Look for fragrance-free, gentle cleansers to wash with. Be careful to check that your product isn’t just ‘unscented’ some of these cleansers actually have fragrances in them still.

Stay Hydrated

Continuous intake of water is essential for staying hydrated. And while most of us understand this, for some, it’s harder to remember throughout the day. If this is you, consider getting a water container that has markers on it so you can keep track of your hourly intake. If you have a hard time remembering to drink water throughout the day, consider setting a reminder on your phone. Don’t prefer to drink water? If this is you, maybe look into water infusers. You can have fun creating different concoctions of infusions and have fun with it!

Lower the thermostat

Did you know that increasing your thermostat will increase the dryness in the air? So while you may be tempted to come home and crank up the heat, especially on super cold days. Instead, try keeping your thermostat between 68-72 degrees fahrenheit. Still chilled? Try a heated blanket or a heat pad to warm up or start adding layers!


Yep. We said it. You need sunscreen, even in the winter. The UV rays are still every bit as harmful when it’s cold outside than when you’re rocking your bikini. It might feel a little strange to be applying sunscreen in the winter, but if you’re spending time outside, you’re going to want to protect your skin from the sun.

Head to the Spa

Nothing feels better than going to the spa to get a facial. Your skin feels amazing afterward! If it’s been awhile since you’ve been in, schedule your facial today to give your skin that boost its been needing. Whether it’s a microdermabrasion, chemical peel, or just a standard facial, your skin will thank you afterward.

Good news, we’re half-way through winter! Even still, you should probably implement most, if not all, of these tips and keep them up year round if you can. We’re confident your skin will improve and you will thank us later!

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