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To Root Shadow or Not Root Shadow…

To Root Shadow or Not Root Shadow…

You may be seeing more root shadow being done and wondering what it is and if it’s right for you. It’s definitely become quite popular and has mostly taken the place of the ombre look. This option is much more friendly to the gal who doesn’t like a lot of upkeep with her hair.

What IS root shadow?

Root Shadow might be a completely new term to you. If that’s the case, allow us to enlighten you on this trend. Root Shadow is when you don’t color the roots, rather, carefully blend the roots with the lighter color so it’s more of a gradual blend. This allows for hair growth without a harsh contrast between roots and lightened hair.

Is Root Shadow Right for Me?

You might be wondering if you’re an ideal candidate for Root Shadow and the short answer is Yes. Root Shadow is such a great option for anyone who lightens their hair. That being said, some people are better candidates than others. Blondes and Brunettes are the obvious candidates as there tends to be a bigger contrast in hair color for those hair types. Further, Root Shadow is so subtle, so it’s a great option for someone who’s looking to try something new, but maybe not something drastic.

Colored Shadow Roots

Have you noticed that vibrant hair colors are back in? From mermaid blues to unicorn pinks, all the colors of the rainbow are back in style. With the colored shadowing, the roots remain dark while coloring the rest of the length of hair creating a shadow effect. This is a super fun option for someone who likes to take risks with their hair. The combinations are endless, as is the fun!

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