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Big Beauty Trends for 2019: Formulation transparency will become commonplace

Big Beauty Trends for 2019: Formulation Transparency Will Become Commonplace

The latest in skincare is questioning the science behind it. As consumers become more informed on what should and should not go into their body (or on top of it), companies are forced to be more transparent and responsible with the products that they’re using. Once upon a time, consumers would just accept retinol in their skin care products as a good thing. Now, for example, they know the difference between the different types of vitamin A and the pros and cons of using retinol palmitate over retinol. This forced transparency is a good thing for the beauty industry.

A huge supporter of transparency is Victoria Beckham. She initiated this change back in 2008, she boasts, “Since launching the brand in 2008 I have listed the ingredient trade names on my packaging, enabling the customer to easily research the benefits of each. This transparency is something I think we should expect to see much more of moving into 2019.” Victoria is also launching her own skincare line later this year. Moreover, it isn’t just advanced science brands that are taking this approach. We’re seeing more and more brands adopting this trend and expect many more to follow suit.

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