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Big Beauty Trends for 2019: Sustainability

Big Beauty Trends for 2019: Sustainability

We’re pretty far into 2019, so some of these may be pretty obvious to you. You may already be doing these things unbeknownst to you, it’s a trend. But we don’t want to assume anything, and we want our supporters to be in the know! You can find the full article here if you’d like to read it We’re going to take this article in smaller pieces and discuss most, if not all, of the trends.

Little to No Packaging

Earlier this year Lush launched their first Naked line. With so much plastic ending up in our oceans and being completely out of landfill space, it makes sense that someone would launch a product line with little to know packaging. Congrats to Lush, for being the first to accomplish it. This new trend is trending as #passonplastic

Waterless Beauty Products

Water is the industry’s most-used ingredient and there are concerns that the demand for it will outrun its supply. Some beauty product companies such as, L’Oreal has made a commitment to reduce its water consumption by 60% by the end of 2020. There’s a big expectation to see more and more ‘dry products’ on the market. For example, cleansers that are just powders and dry masks.

Stay tuned for the rest of the beauty trends for 2019!

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