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Transitioning from Winter to Spring Hair

Transitioning from Winter Hair to Spring Hair

Good news! Spring is around the corner! Longer days, (by the way, daylight savings is March 10th) followed by warmer temperatures! Wahoo! Even though we live in Colorado, where the humidity is usually low, the season changes can have adverse effects on your hair if you don’t prepare. Make sure you get in to see your stylist to get your regular haircuts and trims. Now would be a great time for an additional conditioning treatment, as well. Moreover, taking off the dead ends and breakage and hitting your hair with some additional moisture is a must if you’re planning on doing any color or lightening treatments. Speaking of coloring and lightening treatments, L'oreal has some great ideas for transitioning into spring/summer! Take a look to get some ideas and then give us a call to book your appointment!

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