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3 Myths About Coloring Your Hair

3 Myths About Coloring Your Hair

We wanted to take this chance to cover some myths about coloring your hair. We know there are some nasty rumors going around and we’re here to set the record straight! Whether you’re coloring all of your hair or just doing highlights, these myths need to be corrected!


Not sure who started this rumor, but when getting your hair colored or highlighted, you should not go in with dirty hair. It does not take color better. The thing about dirty hair is that there’s a buildup of oils. And oily hair does not take lightener and color well. We know, we know. When you go to the salon you’re expecting them to do a shampoo, so why shampoo before heading in? If you’re not doing a color or highlight, then we can understand this stance. However, clean hair allows for a more even color.

Box Dye is the Same as Professional

If box dye was the same as professionally colored hair, hair stylist wouldn’t offer it as an option, amiright? This might not even be a myth, you may already know that the two are not equal. But, we thought it worth including to explain why they’re so different. For starters, if you’re doing a box dye at home, you probably haven’t studied Color Theory and do not know which colors to use. Further, the likelihood that you’re trained to know how long to leave the product on to achieve your goal color is also pretty low.

One of the biggest reasons to avoid box dye is the the chemicals exposure. For example, box dyes use a lot of ammonia. Ammonia splits open the hair cuticle in order to change the color. Not only does damage the hair and cause split ends, but it also changes the PH level, sometimes, irreversibly. Other things to watch out from box dyes are PPD, also known as p- phenylenediamine, and Metallic Salts. PPD can cause allergic reactions ranging from skin irritation to, in some cases--although rare, fatality. Bottom line, PPD is bad and boxy dyes seem to have high amounts of them. Metallic salts don’t sound too bad, at least compared to the others. And while you likely will not die by metallic salts, they can cause serious long-term effects to your hair coloring treatment. They build up on your hair and can cause future coloring to go past desired result--making it difficult to achieve the desired color. Also, they are a beast to get rid of, even for the most experienced hair stylist. Lastly, they can leave your hair feeling hard and damaged.

The Past is History

Believe it or not, your hair stylist needs to know the history of your hair coloring treatments. Everything from the sun in you used in your youth to the box dye fail in high school with your friends. The reason for this is that molecules can stay on your hair for years and still affect the way your hair will take lightener and color. Be sure to come clean with your hairstylist so he/she can take good care of your locks!

We hope we successfully set the record straight for you. We know there’s a lot out there and it’s hard to know what’s right and who to trust. We’re here to help you learn how to take better care of your hair, though. We know it’s a team effort!

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