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2018 Fall Hair Trends

2018 Fall Hairstyle Trends


One of the biggest trends right now is dark roots with light colors. Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian are sporting this look currently. For those of us that aren’t ready to make that drastic switch, there are more subtle options. Last year was cool-toned browns, whereas this year, warm-toned browns are in.

Shadow Roots

Another big trend right now is the shadow root. Shadow root is the artful way of embracing your roots. With this technique, you either use your natural root color as part of the coloring process or you use them as a huge contrast to the lighter color. Either way, the end result is super flattering! The bonus is that this color looks even better as it grows out! So for women with little time to tend to their color, this color contrast allows them to see their hairstylist less often.

Tiger Eye Balayage

You may remember us mentioning this in our Balayage post. This technique replicates the beautiful golds and browns from the tiger eye stone. For natural brunettes or dark blondes, this is a great option of blending those colors naturally. The end result is nothing short of stunning!


If you haven’t noticed by now, the bob is H-O-T right now! This cut is so chic! A popular length is between the chin and shoulders. What sets this bob apart from previous bobs are the shaggy, angular, and broken up bobs. In the past, the bob has been more blunt. What’s trending now is the more layered bob. Thankfully, with less humidity in the air in colder months, you can wear this cut straight if you like. All that being said, a blunt bob is still very popular now too. We expect many women to be chop chop chopping this fall!


Believe it or not, the center part is making a comeback. This blunt look makes a big statement when worn with straight hair. Reminiscent of the ‘60’s, the curtain bangs are a great look and look particularly great with a high pony. They say everything comes back into fashion right? Well, the flipped up do is making its way back too. With so many women going for the bob, some are sporting it with flipped up ends.

If you’re not sure which color technique, hairstyle, or haircut would look best on you, your hairstylist will be happy to discuss with you. We know that everyone has a different face shape, hair, and lifestyle and we want to find the best look to fit your needs!

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