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How to Cover Grey Without Box Color

How to Cover Grey Without Box Color

Okay, so many of us are showing roots right about now. The only comfort we can take in this is, we're all in the same boat! Until we are able to help our guests, we thought we'd share Jackie Wilt's great tip on how to cover up grey without using box color. Her video was made prior to the Stay-At-Home order, so though she says that f.u.e.l. Salon and Spa is doing curbside orders on retail, unfortunately, we aren't able to provide that service at this time. We can't wait to re-open, though! If you need to schedule an appointment, please feel free to reach out to your direct hairstylist or provider, or you can call or email us. We're still responding to all of our amazing guests! Huge thank you to everyone for their support! One last thing, we recently made our website available to order your favorite Kerastase products and they will be shipped directly to you. If you have questions on how to do that, you can visit one of our social media sites, call or email us, or just go directly to 'products' on our website and click "shop kerastase".

Click the picture below to hear from Jackie!

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