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Unite Boosta Line

If you're not familiar with the Unite Boosta Line, we're here to tell you just how amazing it is! So many of us struggle with lifeless locks, and if you're one of those people, you're in luck! If your hair is limp and lacks volume, you need this line. What's more, we currently have a gift set that functions as a starter kit for you to get started!

Unite Boosta Shampoo


Need a boost? Lather up with BOOSTA™ Shampoo, a rich, thick, luxurious shampoo that builds body and weightless volume. Your hair will be left moisturized with a healthy, beautiful sheen.

Unite Boosta Conditioner


Seal in moisture and ensure long-lasting body with BOOSTA™ Conditioner – it’s the perfect chaser to BOOSTA™ Shampoo. Strands stay shiny, and roots stay lifted after using this indulgent formula.

Unite Boosta Volumizing Spray


Need a lift? BOOSTA™ Volumizing Spray, a body-building volumizing spray gives hair a boost of weightless volume, especially when used with heat. The end result: a healthy sheen and enhanced texture.

Unite Boosta Crème


Thickness will appear out of thin hair.

Get your thick fix with BOOSTA™ Thickening Crème, a volumizing styling crème that instantly adds thick, touchable volume to fine or limp hair. Its lightweight formula leaves hair looking, feeling, and behaving incredibly thicker and fuller.

In case you missed it, this line will give you VOLUME and BODY! If your hair is in need of either or both of these, then this is the product for you! You can visit Unite's website for step-by-step instructions on how to use the line We're so excited to offer this product in our salons. Come in to either location to grab yours!

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