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The 411 on Kérastase’s Fusio Scrubs

The 411 on Kérastase’s Fusio Scrubs

If your hair is looking and feeling dull, if it’s been a while since your hair has had a nice cleanse then Kérastase’s Fusio Scrubs should be in your future. Kérastase’s Fusio Scrubs are deep cleansing scalp scrub formulated to deeply remove sebum, pollution particles, product build-up and impurities for a healthy scalp & beautiful hair.


If your hair and scalp are on the oily side, then you’ll want the Scrub Energisant, which intensely cleans the scalp, leaving it energized along with shiny, healthy hair. This purifying scrub contains sea salt, Vitamin B6, and salicylic acid. If your hair and scalp are dry or sensitive, then you’ll want Scrub Apaisant. This scrub too will scrub intensely, but does so in a relaxing and soothing way leaving your hair and scalp healthy. This scrub is made up of sweet orange peel, jojoba, madecassoside, and B5.


These essential oil blends are infused with ingredients to calm, sooth, or energize the mind, as well as, boosting hair radiance with softness & 6x shine. There are three oils, Relaxing Sandalwood: an earthy scent with a grounding, calming effect. Refreshing Peppermint: an invigorating oil for uplifting and refreshing. Stimulating Ginger: A stimulating scent that wakes up the senses.

These two fusio scrubs and oil blends feature the finest ingredients for an effective, sensorial experience that offers deep cleansing, exfoliation, and mental benefits. This is the perfect time to refresh your hair from summer and prep your hair for the harsh elements of winter.

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