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Big Beauty Trends for 2019: Health and beauty will further converge


Big Beauty Trends for 2019: Health and beauty will further converge

Arguably, 2018 will become known as the year where wellness-driven beauty launched. Similarly, 2019 will be the year that continues that trend. The line between health and beauty is becoming more and more blurred. Not only are we focusing more on what we put in our bodies, but also, what we put on our bodies.


Lisa Payne, senior beauty editor at global trends company Stylus, explains “we’re seeing a growing trend for efficacy-backed beauty edibles and tandem products that work both internally and topically. And we’re seeing beauty brands tapping into this with much more ritualistic concepts.” She continues “expect to see more holistic offerings come through in 2019, with a focus on mental and emotional balance achieved through stress-busting beauty and health products.


This trend is influenced by the Ayurvedic Indian practice of washing away the physical and spiritual dust of everyday life. With the increasing stresses within American culture, this is a nice trend to adopt and incorporate into our beauty regimens.


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