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Introducing Kérastase's Fresh Affair

Kérastase Fresh Affair

Dry Shampoo is a staple in most women’s bathrooms, but choosing one that cleans and leaves your hair smelling fresh can be more difficult than you would think. Furthermore, if you have darker tresses, you may struggle with visible residue. Leave it to Kérastase to save the day! Their newly released dry shampoo, Fresh Affair, is something we know everyone is going to love!

Long-lasting Fragrance

This refreshing dry shampoo has 24 hours of long-lasting fragrance. “At the top fresh lemon notes intertwine with bergamot and mandarin. The

heart pairs galbanum with sun-drenched lavender and waves of bitter orange. The vibrant trail features an alliance of accord white musk and jasmin petal notes. Glossy neroli fragrance is an ode to freshness and leaves an irresistible, addictive scent” Co-created with Fabrice Pellegrin, award-winning perfumier.

Works For Everyone

What’s amazing about Kérastase’s Fresh Affair is that it works for everyone. It instantly absorbs excess oil on scalp and hair and has a lightweight touch that leaves a clean feeling. You can visit Kérastase and see before and after photos of it in use on both dark and light hair.

3 Ways to Cheat on Your Bad Hair Days

Kérastase also offers tips on how to use Fresh Affair to help with cheat days. Use Fresh Affair as a blow-dryer extender by applying to roots after your hair is freshly blown out to prevent an oily scalp. Before and after the gym, spray Fresh Affair at the nape first in sections, working your way toward the front hairline. Then twist hair into a top knot and finish by spraying bun with Fresh Affair. Lastly, at night spray Fresh Affair from roots to ends for overnight absorption.

You can call ahead for a curbside pick up at either of Fuel’s locations or pick up any of your product needs at your next appointment. If you haven’t used our Product Purchase Request Form, you can fill this out for your convenience.

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