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Covid19 Policy

As we prepare to re-open our salons on Saturday May 9th, we are strictly following the state guidelines and taking many precautions to keep clients and employees safe. Please take a moment to read our new salon procedures

● Employees nor guests will be permitted in the premises if they have any signs of Covid-19 symptoms. Please be transparent with us about your health. If you have been around anyone who is exhibiting signs of sickness or has had COVID-19, we ask that you please tell us.

● Employees and guests will receive a health screening and temperature check prior to entering the salons.

● Do NOT come if you exhibit ANY of the following symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, muscle pain, loss of taste or smell, feel unwell.

● Do NOT come if you have been around, or work around, anyone who has tested positive for COVID in the past 2 weeks.

● Every client is required to wear their own mask to their appointment. We too will be wearing masks during your appointment. We cannot allow you to discard your mask in our salon. You will be instructed to take your mask home and discard it there.

● We are not able to provide any services that would require clients to take their mask off.

● We must limit the number of people in our salon to 10 people at a time, 5 clients and 5 service providers. You cannot bring anyone with you to your appointment, including children.

● Please wait in your car before your appointment, and we will call or text you when you are able to enter the salon.

● No persons will be allowed to sit in the waiting area.

● We will be asking each client to use hand sanitizer immediately upon arrival.

● Please leave all belongings that are not necessary for your appointment either in your car or at home.

● We cannot accept walk-in services at this time. Services by appointment only

● We are requesting that you pay for your services and purchases without direct exchange of cash in the salon.

● Because we are practicing strict sanitation and social distancing, our schedules will be changing.If you have already booked an appointment, your service provider will be in touch as soon as possible.

● We will be taking more time in between clients to efficiently disinfect our stations. All of our chairs and stations will be 6 feet apart.

● We will be sanitizing bathrooms, common areas, doors, and frequently touched services after each use.

● There are no exceptions to any of the above rules.

For more information about the new Safer at Home: Personal Services, please visit the link here.

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