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Kérastase Genesis Collection

Kérastase Genesis Collection

If you’re keeping up with us on our blog and social media, you may have noticed us talking about hair-fall and Kérastase’s newest collection: Genesis. If you notice a lot of hair in your brush or in your drain, then you might be a good candidate for this collection. It’s normal to lose hair, most people lose between 50-200 strands per day. But if you have excess hair-fall, then this collection will help reduce hair-fall by 97% due to breakage from brushing.

What is hair-fall?

Check out our recent blog post to learn more. There are two types of hair fall: hair-fall that comes directly from root/scalp at the bulb and hair-fall that breaks from the hair shaft from brushing. What causes Hair Fall? Stress, Hormones, Styling & Heat.

How does Genesis work?

Genesis is made up of: Ginger Root to strengthen cuticle and add shine, Arginine which is an amino acid to plump and anchor the root, Caffeine energizes scalp and holds the root & Edelweiss Flower softens and detangles. There are two types of shampoos in this collection. One has a gentle clarifier Hydra-Fortifiant, for normal to oily hair and the other is Nutri-Fortifiant, for Normal to dry hair. The conditioner, Fondant, is for daily use on fine hair and the Masque is for dry and coarse hair. Next in the collection is the Defense Thermique, which has -450 degree heat protectant. Last in the collection is the 24 hr frizz protection.

Fuel Salon and Spa is excited to be an authorized retailer for the new Genesis collection! We expect to get this collection in very soon, you can call our salon to preorder yours to ensure you get it! Call our salon if you have any questions or want to try out this amazing new product!

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