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☀️Kérastase’s Tips to Finish the Summer Strong

☀️Kérastase’s Tips to Finish the Summer Strong ☀️

Kérastase offers 3 easy tips to keep your hair healthy. We know summer can take its toll on your hair. With these 3 easy steps, you can get your hair healthy again and maintain it into fall 👌🏻

Protect Hair From Heat

Now that school is back in session, you may be styling your hair more often than sporting that summer tousled look. Maybe you style your hair everyday, all the more reason for you to use Kérastase’s Extentioniste Thermique. This product is like magic, a thermo-protecting blow dry primer and heat-styling gel cream designed to seal lengths and split ends. Protects hair from heat up to 450°F to reduce hair breakage for healthy-looking lengths.

Protect Hair From Sun

Summer isn’t over yet, and for those of you who are still spending a fair amount outdoors and in salt or chlorinated water, you NEED Kérastase’s Soliel. Soliel is a simple 3 step routine that prevents summer dryness and tames frizz for the ultimate soft finish. It also defines and enhances natural waves with no ‘crunch’ texture for beautiful ‘mermaid hair.’

Indulge in 8 hour Overnight Serum

While you get rested, let Kérastase work overnight to repair and nourish your lovely locks. This serum transforms dry hair overnight. Like an intensive night cream, it works while you sleep to repair and nourish, leaving the hair silky and smooth by morning! Violà! Your work is done!

We know you’re busy living your best life, but this is too easy NOT to incorporate into your routine! We’re confident that you will be happy with the results! Come on in to either salon and you can find all of these products.

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