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Give Your Skin a Boost

Give Your Skin a Boost

Have you been livin’ it up in the sun this summer? Lounging by the pool, BBQs with friends, these are the best ways to spend summer. That being said, all that time in the sun can have adverse effects on your skin without proper care. The first step is most definitely to wear sunscreen, but it doesn’t stop there.

First Things First: Sunscreen

It’s important to wear sunscreen anytime you’re going to be spending time in the sun, even if it’s only for a short time. Using moisturizer with SPF is a good step, but don’t think that you’re safe if that’s the only SPF you’re putting on before catching some rays. To calculate your sunscreen protective factor, or SPF, take the SPF count and multiply it by 10 (your skin begins to burn 10 minutes after being in the sun without protection). For example, if you’re wearing 30 SPF, 10 x 30=300 minutes, aka 5 hours.


Moisturizing is key in caring for your skin. Applying moisturizer regularly is important. But finding the right moisturizer can be challenging. Fuel Salon and Spa carries the high end skin care lines: Image and Vital Therapy. These lines carry skin care to meet all skin types. In addition to regularly moisturizing, be sure to drink lots of water to keep the skin hydrated.


Even with the best at-home skin care routine, we sometimes need to give our skin a boost. Dead skin cells will pile up on your face causing it to look tired, old, and rough. Exfoliating is the removal of these dead skin cells. It’s important that you don’t exfoliate too often as you’ll be removing new, healthy skin cells. However, dead skin cells will build up without regular exfoliation. In some cases, facials will include a chemical peel, which removes the whole outer layer of your skin. Thus, allowing for a new layer of skin and skin growth. Chemical peels, which should be applied by a licensed esthetician, stimulate new epidermal growth and collagen. Further, many people suffer from dry skin. This can stem from a number of factors: harsh chemicals, long and hot showers, face washes, and skin conditions.

Your skin easily absorbs everything, including toxins. It’s important to choose your skin care products carefully. While there are strict regulations in place for food safety in the United States, cosmetics are not nearly as regulated. If you have questions or need help navigating your skin care regimen, we’d love to walk you through or answer any questions!

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