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Big Beauty Trends for 2019: Beauty Regimes Streamline

Big Beauty Trends for 2019: Beauty Regimes Streamline

With sustainability on the mind, skin care regimens are following suit. Lisa Payne, senior beauty editor at global trends company Stylus, says that while Korea may have exported its (often misunderstood) ‘10 step’ routine to the UK, a more honed approach is on the horizon. Korea may be a pioneer for technology, but it also leads the pack when it comes to beauty products.

“Much of the beauty innovation and product adoption we see in the West (UK and US) is influenced by Asia,” Payne confirms. “Korea specifically is a hotbed of ingredient innovation, new regimes and beauty tech, but it’s also renowned for its laborious, multi-step approach, and as such we’ve seen the UK follow suit.” The new year update? ‘Skip-care’, the latest Korean beauty trend which has already arrived here.

There’s a new push to use fewer, more effective, products. This trend in skincare is referred to as the “diet”. Korea is creating hybrid products that accomplish both hydration and toning in one. This new 'diet' seems like a more efficient approach, one that helps reduce that amount of products, and therefore, packaging needed. Which helps trend #1 (sustainability), as well.

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