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What’s Enso?

What’s Enso?

Have you heard of Enso? If not, let us fill you in. Enso is changing the game for hair stylists and the like! Their tools are time-saving, good for your hair, and environmentally health. What more could you ask for?? Fuel Salon and Spa is now offering the Enso Nano Pro Dryer and Hair Perfecting Serum for retail in our salons. Keep reading to learn more.

Enso Nano Pro Dryer

This blow dryer is the first hybrid dryer with an on/off switch Ionic Generator vs Static Heat. There’s a green light that turns on the Ionic Generator and the blue light turns off the ionic generator.

Green Switch/Ionic Generator

Green switch/Ionic Generator cuts blow time in half! The negative ionic generator shrinks the water droplets into micro into micro size droplets. Which allows it to seal moisturized heat into hair giving it more shine and reducing frizz while still adding volume. Booyah! This blow dryer is best for blowouts and styles, wigs/extensions, rough drying after a highlight or bleach or during multiple chemical processes, comb attachment: perfect for Keratin Treatments and smoothing out curly hair, diffusing curly hair during cold weather climates, and photo shoots (adds more shine and soft bend for blow out styles).

Blue switch/ Ionic Generator OFF

On the blue setting where the ionic generator is set to off, the dryer provides dry static heat, which produces more volume. This setting is best for: fine thin hair, building body, curling/bending mid-shaft to ends of hair with round brush to give bounce, diffusing curly hair during cold weather climates, photo shoots (adds more shine and soft bend for blow out styles).

Hair Perfecting Serum

This serum is so great, it’s for EVERYONE! It works with frizzy, curly, chemically processed, and natural hair. It provides slip when cutting and heat protection for styling. Further, it adds shine without adding weight. It also adds volume and gives hair styling memory for up to 72 hours. Lastly, it keeps the hair from getting oily and dirtier! We love this serum even more because it’s free of sulphates and parabens and is plant based. This serum rocks because it perfects damaged hair and promotes volume, eliminates frizz, adds shine, and gives UV and thermal protection. Finally, this serum is hydrophobic, it repels water and gives hair a protective barrier around it.

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