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Facials--luxury with long-term benefits

Facials--luxury with long-term benefits

Facials are often thought of as an unnecessary luxury. While that may be the case when compared to basic hygiene requirements, they offer many long-term benefits that could be classified as basic requirements.


Included in most facials is a massage. Again, we realize that massage falls under the “luxury” category. There are many health benefits from massage. For example, massage increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Additionally, facial massage relaxes the muscles, which postpones wrinkles. Further, massage will reduce puffiness, sagging, and increase skin cell renewal.

Lower stress levels

In this day and age where everyone is hustling, lowering stress levels is a legitimate benefit. Whether your job is taking your kids to 14 activities in one day, plus mapping out healthy and nutritious meals or you’re working in a professional environment to bring home the bread and butter, we could all use the help to lower stress levels. Because literally, stress kills.

Increase blood circulation

Okay, you might not realize, but this is also a legit benefit. So, you might be wondering what are the repercussions of poor blood circulation? The answer, poor blood circulation can make you look pale and sickly, and it can prevent nutrients from reaching skin tissue, to name a few.

Impedes skin aging

Okay, we concede that this isn’t a necessity, but let’s face it, we live in a vain world and no one wants their skin to show their age. Facials include antioxidants, cell regulators, and techniques, which contribute to reversing the skin aging process that comes as a result of too much UV exposure, loss of collagen, and other radicals that affect skin.

Exfoliate and Hydrate

Dead skin cells pile up on your face causing it to look tired, old, and rough. Exfoliating is the removal of these dead skin cells. It’s important that you don’t exfoliate too often as you’ll be removing new, healthy skin cells. However, dead skin cells will build up without regular exfoliation. In some cases, facials will include a chemical peel, which removes the whole outer layer of your skin. Thus, allowing for a new layer of skin and skin growth. Chemical peels, which should be applied by a licensed esthetician, stimulate new epidermal growth and collagen. Further, many people suffer from dry skin. This can stem from a number of factors: harsh chemicals, long and hot showers, face washes, and skin conditions. It’s important to moisturize the skin regularly. Facials are a way of providing longer-lasting hydration.


All in all, facials are definitely a luxury in some people’s financial conditions. That being said, they give huge benefits to your health, as outlined above. We recommend including them, as regularly as your budget will allow, in your skin regimen.

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