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Cami Brainard


Cami Brainard is the epitome of a personal hair stylist.  She has a close connection with all of her clients, whom she views more as extended family than as customers.  Cami takes pride in going the extra mile for her extensive clientele, and makes time in her busy schedule to provide unparalleled service.

Cami has worked in the industry for 15 years, which started when she was a teenager sweeping floors and answering phone calls at a small family salon.  She went on to graduate from the Glenwood Beauty Academy, where many stylists in the Aspen and Vail valleys are trained and educated.

Before venturing out on her own, Cami spent several years training with Aveda, honing her professional and technical skills, and mastering the arts of cutting and coloring services.

She is certified in Babe tape-in extensions and Keratin straightening treatments.

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